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The Maresme

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Sant Pol de Mar's panoramic view

The Maresme is the most exceptional residential area next to Barcelona because of its micro-climate and the beauty of its views, where the powerful green of the local natural parks and the blue of its coast combines perfectly and you can find excellent beaches to enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean Sea. We also have to emphasize Maresme's great cultural activity, its rich historic patrimony and its wide range of traditions and popular festivities that make this region an amazing place to live.

Region's location

The Maresme is a territory located between the mountains, with renowned national parks (such as the “Cordillera de Marina” and the “Montnegre”) and the coast. This ideal location makes this area a natural paradise rich in flora and fauna in which its population heart benefits from a high quality of life.


Proximity to Barcelona

One of the biggest advantages of this territory is the proximity of all Maresme villages to Barcelona. In just a little time and thanks to its good communications (roads, highways, trains) is very easy to get to Catalonia's capital, a place opened to visits of high cultural interest (Barrio Gótico, Sagrada Familia and Antoni Gaudí's patrimony, Miró's Museum...), and also access to a whole world of businesses of one of the most important European cities.
Situació del Maresme a Catalunya


Port Esportiu de MataróPlatja del Maresme



El Maresme té un litoral amb 48 km de costa i 37 de platges i 16 municipis costaners que acullen el 75% de la població comarcal. Aquesta obertura al mar converteix les seves belles platges en un espai d’oci que permet prendre el sol, banyar-se o passejar-se durant tot l’any.


One of the Maresme's potential is, without any doubt, that it has 5 marinas with a total of more than 4.000 slips. You can also add a strong business sector and a well-known maritime tradition. This ports are the venue for a variety of activities surrounding the nautical and leisure sector


Viticulture Zone

The Maresme Region is the “DO Alella” zone, a certificate of origin that counts with extraordinary quality wines of international prestige. Specially, surrounding the Alella Township in the Low Maresme area, you can access to the wealthiness of a high level renowned wine-turistic patrimony: visiting wine cellars and vineyards, going to wine tastings,...


The world of hydrotherapy has a point of reference in the Maresme's town of Caldes d’Estrac. This town has a spa located on top of ancient roman baths and you can visit the Colono's Hotel, a model reference in healthy resorts and thalassotherapy.


The Maresme is a referent point in the gastronomic field. Here you can find numerous high quality restaurants. Stand out prestigious kitchens like the restaurants Sant Pau de Carme Ruscalleda in Sant Pol de Mar or the Hispania de las Hermanas Reixach in Arenys de Mar. Also, like an important gastronomic village, you can visit the township of Cabrils.


Vista de les rodalies d’Arenys de Mar Vinyes de la zona vitivinícola de la D.O. AlellaPescadors treballant al Port d’Arenys de Mar


Casa Museu Lluís Domènech i Montaner de Canet de Mar

Popular Parties

With the summer, the different Village Festivals come to the Maresme region. The most importants are: The Santas de Mataró, “Piratas y Premianencs”, in Premià de Mar or the Fiesta de la Vendimia in Alella, but there are plenty more. Those are mass festive celebrations, important festival meeting points with dancing and activities open to the public of all ages.

Patrimony and Culture

The Maresme region has a rich cultural and patrimonial tradition. (Ibearians, Romans, medieval, modernism...). You can also visit museums like The Marina (Vilassar de Mar) or The Náutica (El Masnou), and other themed ones. Another interesting offer is the organized visits to see the cultural and historic patrimony of places like Mataró, Argentona or Canet de Mar.


The richness in environment spaces in the Maresme area allows this territory to be full of possibilities to practice all kind of sports. You can practice mountain sports like hiking, biking or horse riding. Golf is also a very popular sport in this area and of course a variety of water sports like sailing, water-skiing or fishing.

Camp de Golf a Sant Andreu de LlavaneresArmats de Mataró, a la processó de Setmana Santa