Maresme's Real State Agencies

To sell or rent your properties in the Mareseme Region you have to trust the area professionals. They are the ones than can better let you know about the market situation and its possibilities to maximize your operation while offering you a good service to manage your interests.

Next we are offering you a list of authorized professionals to work in the Maresme Area. You can choose one that adapts the best to your needs by proximity, by selecting the city you are interested in or by what kind of features they can offer you.

Urbenia Serveis Immobiliaris

Arenys - Mataró - Premià - Mataró Tlf: 931151411
796 published properties 796 properties for sale 0 properties for rent 483 apartments 291 houses

Engels & Volkers

Plaça Antoni Pujades i Nirell, 3 - Mataró Tlf: 935402222
500 published properties 470 properties for sale 30 properties for rent 109 apartments 391 houses

Area Gestió Immobiliaria

Avda. Verge de Montserrat 22-24 - Sant Andreu de Llavaneres Tlf: 93 795 29 06
168 published properties 148 properties for sale 20 properties for rent 112 apartments 34 houses

Finques Dorca

Carretera de Cabrils, 12 (davant la gasolinera) - Cabrils Tlf: 93 753 38 71
133 published properties 117 properties for sale 16 properties for rent 15 apartments 78 houses

Maresme Llar - Vilassar de Mar Tlf: 937541259
102 published properties 99 properties for sale 3 properties for rent 40 apartments 53 houses

Espacio Gestions Immobiliaries

191 published properties


El Masnou
33 published properties


Vilassar de Mar
17 published properties

Don Piso Pineda

Pineda de Mar
15 published properties


El Masnou
10 published properties


El Masnou
8 published properties

Grup Maresme

Pineda de Mar
8 published properties

immobiliaria Molina

8 published properties

Agora Gestió d'immobles

8 published properties

Laura y tu casa

Pineda de Mar
5 published properties